Rehabilitation in Germany

Rehabilitation in Germany

Treatment in Germany occurs when using the most advanced nano-technology. Thus, Germany occupies the first place in the world in terms of rehabilitation.

The importance of the rehabilitation process is accentuated by German orthopedists, trauma surgeons, cardiologists and neurologists. Their postulate in the given question: “Correctly and in time carried out operation only 50% of success, and other 50% depend on rehabilitation!”

Rehabilitation centers in Germany offer a wide range of medical activities on new programs designed to effectively recover from heart attacks, strokes, traumas, surgeries.


Our Advantages:

Our patient gets to the best doctor in his field.

MSG provides access to the best clinics and doctors in Germany, which is confirmed by the eminent rating of FOCUS. Such doctors and clinics never work with intermediaries who have recently started their work.

our patient gets to the best clinic.

MSG makes a request to several clinics at the same level. MSG Company does not bind to any separate clinic, but presents the patient with a choice-thus, the company represents the interests of the patient, not the clinic. The patient receives the most advantageous price offer. The difference in prices for treatment can reach up to 10%.

Our patient saves on the treatment itself.

Clinics in Germany add light complexity to foreign patients. By addressing the MSG, such a coefficient can be reduced. Savings can reach several thousand euros.

Our patient saves on recalculations.

The organization of complex treatment in university clinics requires very long and laborious correspondence with various specialists and staff of the clinic. In cases when the clinic paid the deposit and need to return the remainder of the money, the receipt of the recalculation is not the first time.

Our patient does not pay a commission on treatment.

MSG is one of those companies that does not take a commission on top of the cost of treatment in the clinic. The patient can pay for the treatment in the clinic.